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Mystic Star (Megan) is a Genuine and Established Psychic Medium. Accurate and Honest Readings available throughout the Manchester area.

Single and Group Bookings taken.
Email readings also available.

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About Me

"A Genuine Psychic based in Stalybridge"

I am a natural Psychic Medium/Healer.
I read Tarot and Angels cards, photographs, objects, crystal ball and flowers.
I first started encountering the psychic and spiritual world as a child (aged 11 years). While in my early 20's I started reading tarot cards and attended various spiritual development groups to develop my understanding of the spirit world.
I love what I do and enjoy sharing that with others. I truly believe and have faith in the spirit world. It brings me a lot of joy and comfort, and I enjoy sharing that with others.

Megan Clairvoyant Medium

My Promise The Service You Receive is of Upmost Importance to Me....

I will provide you with a unique service, tailored to suit your needs. My aim is for you to leave your reading feeling you have something positive to take away with you.

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Have a Question? Get it Answered.....

Have a read of my most Frequently Asked Questions and find out if your queries may be answered here. if not, you can always ask me yourself....

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I promise my clients a personalised and genuine service.

Feel free to browse the services which interest you and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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My number 0777 542 77 39

Disocver Tarot

Tarot Card Readings

I use the Tarot to give insight into a situation or matter and also the probable outcomes. I will give you insight into matters such as Love and Relationships, Work and Careers, Family Matters and Finances. I also work with Spirit to give more information and Guidance

  • Single & Group Bookings
  • Mobile Service Provided
  • Angel Card Readings

    I Work with the Angels to give guidance on matters such as relationships, health and careers. I will assist you to identify blocks to success and possible ways forward. The Angels can answer common questions such as where is my relationship heading and what steps should I take in my career.

  • Psychometry

    Psychometry is an ability to sense information from an object by touching it. I use psychometry in my readings to connect with you, others you want information about and to connect with passed loved ones.

  • Photograph Readings

    I use photograph reading to allow me to connect with a person in a photograph. Using my psychic ability I am able to sense things such as the emotions, feelings, or situations of the person in the photograph. Photograph reading can also be used to get a connection with specific people in the spirit world.

  • Chakra Balancing

    Chakra balancing is a rebalancing of energies at all levels, including physical, emotional and psychic. The chakras form an energy system relating to different points on the body. Through these sites colour is able to enter and be reflected and the condition of such colour changes according to our emotional and physical well being.
    I will assist you to balance your Chakras through either a full reiki treatment or by sending you through your own personal guided chakra meditation.

Client Feedback

"A Gifted, Genuine Psychic from Manchester"

Feel free to read through some genuine feedback I have received. All my client's are given the opportunity to leave feedback after their reading in my Feedback Book.

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My number 0777 542 77 39

  • MichelleBury

    "This is my second reading with Mystic Star, the things she has told me are so accurate and I have recommended Mystic Star to my friends. The spirits that came through were who I wanted."

  • Deborah Radcliffe

    "Great Reading, Loved it, Mystic Star clarified plenty. She had a good understanding. I can't wait for my next reading and to find out about the baby girl."

  • Anthea Bury

    "Thank you for this experience. I was a little unsure before but everything made sense and I have taken alot from the reading. Thank you"

  • Amy Skipton

    "Really enjoyed the reading. Accurate about my personal life and very interesting. Was unsure how I was going to take the reading but was made very calm and relaxed throughout. Excited to see what will happen in my future. "

  • Rachel Middleton

    "Felt very relaxed with Mystic Star, she really did relate to a lot of things that are happening in my life. I would definitely recommend. "

  • Lucy Bury

    "This is my second reading with Mystic Star and I love how she tells it how it is and doesn't hold back."

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Feel free to contact me either via Phone, Text or Email.

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My number 0777 542 77 39

Personal info
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    No matter what the question is, feel free to ask.


Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact me with any further questions.

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My number 0777 542 77 39

Do you visit my home?

Home Visits are available throughout the Greater Manchester Area.

Can I Come to you?

I offer readings in my home (based in Stalybridge) and at psychic fayres so I can arrange a time to suit your convenience.

How Much Do You Charge?

Home Visits
- £30 per person (reduced to £25 for groups of 3 or more).

Readings for clients coming to me
- £20 per person.

Email Readings
* £7 - Three card issue specific reading
* £12 - Issue specific tarot reading plus photograph reading
* £12 - Relationship Horseshoe Reading (past, present and future of your relationship, your feelings, their feelings and angel guidance)
* £12 Career Cross - Past, Present and Future what led you to your career and how to progress inc angel guidance
* £12 - Law of Attraction Tarot Reading - shows current, desires, your focus and advice/guidance Inc angel guidance.
* £12 - The Loving Cup Tarot Reading - used to read your current relationship. This reading gives advice re yours and your partners state in the relationship, desires, challenges and outcomes.
* £17 - General 12 card tarot reading inc photo reading and angel guidance.
* £20 - Full general reading inc. celtic cross tarot reading (over 15 cards) /photograph reading plus angelic guidance.

*** For the above readings you can choose to be read with Rider Waite Tarot, Morgan Greer Tarot, Fairy Tarot, Angel Tarot, Thelema Tarot or Psychic Tarot ***

Don't forget to bring your photograph/object with you to your reading

How long does a reading last?

I do not time my readings as I like people to enjoy their reading and have time to talk, however the average reading lasts 30 - 45 minutes.

What is the group booking discount?

The group booking discount is for people organising group bookings. Those who organise group bookings of 5 or more will get their reading for £10 with the others in the group paying the full price.

Can my friend sit with me while I have my reading?

In order to respect confidentiality and privacy I only see one person at once and work on a 1-1 basis.

Areas I Visit

I am available throughout The North West Primarily in Manchester, Staylbridge, Hyde, Dukinfield and Ashton