Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you visit my home?

Home Visits are available throughout the Greater Manchester Area.

Can I Come to you?

I offer readings in my home (based in Stalybridge) and at psychic fayres so I can arrange a time to suit your convenience.

How Much Do You Charge?

Home Visits
- £30 per person (reduced to £25 for groups of 3 or more).

Readings for clients coming to me
- £20 per person.

Email Readings
* £7 - Three card issue specific reading
* £12 - Issue specific tarot reading plus photograph reading
* £12 - Relationship Horseshoe Reading (past, present and future of your relationship, your feelings, their feelings and angel guidance)
* £12 Career Cross - Past, Present and Future what led you to your career and how to progress inc angel guidance
* £12 - Law of Attraction Tarot Reading - shows current, desires, your focus and advice/guidance Inc angel guidance.
* £12 - The Loving Cup Tarot Reading - used to read your current relationship. This reading gives advice re yours and your partners state in the relationship, desires, challenges and outcomes.
* £17 - General 12 card tarot reading inc photo reading and angel guidance.
* £20 - Full general reading inc. celtic cross tarot reading (over 15 cards) /photograph reading plus angelic guidance.

*** For the above readings you can choose to be read with Rider Waite Tarot, Morgan Greer Tarot, Fairy Tarot, Angel Tarot, Thelema Tarot or Psychic Tarot ***

Don't forget to bring your photograph/object with you to your reading

How long does a reading last?

I do not time my readings as I like people to enjoy their reading and have time to talk, however the average reading lasts 30 - 45 minutes.

What is the group booking discount?

The group booking discount is for people organising group bookings. Those who organise group bookings of 5 or more will get their reading for £10 with the others in the group paying the full price.

Can my friend sit with me while I have my reading?

In order to respect confidentiality and privacy I only see one person at once and work on a 1-1 basis.

if your question has not been answered, feel free to email me here

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